Row compression?

Jul 7, 2011 at 11:19 PM

Hi Bob,

Very nice utility! I'm even doing a write-up for SQL Server Magazine about it.

I noticed that all of the scripts produce PAGE compression.  Any plans to support ROW compression in the future? Since this is a simple switch in sp_estimate_data_compression_savings, I wondered if you might support that level of analysis as well?

In the category of "cool & nice, but not necessary", it'd be useful to be able to do blanket specification of certain types of objects, such as only tables, only clustered indexes, only indexed views, etc.  Again, not necessary, but could be very useful in a big schema.

Also, a couple behavioral oddities.  First, the column sorts seemed a little weird.  For example, if I clicked to sort on the Current Size (KB) column, it didn't always come out in correct sorted order.  Lastly, although the tool is resizable, it doesn't appear that the column window itself is.  So I could drag the tool out to fit all of the columns into view, but the column window remained the same size hiding a couple columns.

All in all, a great tool!


-Kevin Kline

 Twitter at @kekline

Jul 18, 2011 at 5:38 PM

It tries both ROW and PAGE. Depending upon which row in the grid you click you can choose to implement ROW or PAGE. IF all you are getting is PAGE as a possibility, then I need to investigate :)